Friday, September 18, 2020

Khancel Khulture

"Scandal-hit U of T law school internal emails contradict dean’s new email to staff over key hiring decision" (Paradkar).  Well, somebody is lying.  If it is the Dean, he must go, otherwise the entire law school becomes a joke.  We also need to know the name of the (((judge/'donor'))), who may also need to go.

"New Documents Reveal Secret British Efforts To Arm, Assist And Propagandize 'Moderate Rebels' In Syria" (Moon).  It is obvious that the Empire has delegated to the Brits most of the warmongering PR grunt work for the various Wars For The Jews.  The joke is that, these days, the Brits aren't much good at anything, including lying.

"French Rapper Slammed for 'F**k the Holocaust' Lyrics, Faces Probe for 'Unspeakable' Anti-Semitism" (Ekimenko).  Impunity must end, goyim.  "Miscellaneous – Justice | Anti-Semitic lyrics: rapper Freeze Corleone dropped by his label" (see also, on Khazar khancelling:  "Nick Cannon and Public Enemy’s Professor Griff were both called antisemitic. Only one recovered.").  This one is a real stretch, as the 'anti-Semitism' is buried in a few phrases scattered here and there throughout multiple songs, and seems to reflect a bigger, conspiratorial, view of the world.  ""Rien à foutre de la Shoah" : voyage dans l'antisémitisme obsessionnel du rappeur Freeze Corleone" (Didier):
"L’antisémitisme de Freeze Corleone semble prendre sa source aux mêmes eaux qui ont conduit Dieudonné à passer de l’humoriste le plus brillant de sa génération à un idéologue négationniste et plus drôle du tout : la sensation que l’accent mis sur les souffrances des Juifs dans l’histoire, et au XXe siècle en particulier, neutraliserait la reconnaissance des crimes de l’esclavage ou de la colonisation en Afrique."
If the Khazars soak up all the sympathy with forced Shoah worship, what is left for BLM?  This cuts both ways - it is why Big Jews are vehemently anti-BLM.

"How the west lost" (Lieven).  Imperial overreach.  Oddly, the author wears the same blinkers vis-à-vis China as Assholia has towards the entire world.

"Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day 12" (Murray).  The CIA has apparently instructed the 'judge' to tone down her obvious bias against Assange.  Amusingly addled Clintonista spin:  "U.S. Admits Rohrabacher Offered Pardon To Cover Up Russian Hack" (RedStateRachel).

It is a bit of an issue when you continue to boast about the things you should be ashamed of:  tweet (Eli Valley):
"Portrait of @BarackObama."
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