Friday, October 16, 2020

A bagman op

This thing has been creeping around in the far-right undergrowth, and it is good to see somebody call it out for what it is:  "The Great Barrington Declaration: A manifesto of death" (Damon).

"Facebook and Twitter Cross a Line Far More Dangerous Than What They Censor" (Greenwald).  The fact that the failson - a cliché in Assholian Presidential politics is some feckless semi-criminal relative of a candidate or President, often with substance abuse issues - peddles influence (in between the whores and crack), the influence being his corrupt father, isn't anywhere near as interesting - in fact, a reasonable person could accept the whole story and still reasonably vote for Biden - as the efforts by the social media to cover up for their preferred candidate.  They have far too much power, and obviously are now so full of themselves they can't even muster the slightest self-restraint in exercising it.  Zero fear of any regulation.

"American Coup d’états" (Monaco).  "Fact-Checking the Liars: the Record of U.S. Imperial War and Plunder" (Mackler).  "The U.S. Did Not Defeat Fascism in WWII, It Discretely Internationalized It" (Rockhill).

"POTUS Punk vs. Dem Dementia" (Escobar):

"Now let’s Follow The Money. 

That’s a slam dunk. For Republicans, the top bagman is casino schemer Sheldon Adelson – who literally bought Congress for a paltry $150 million. For Democrats, it’s Haim Saban – who owns his own think tank and is Hillary’s go-to moneyman. The Dem dementia is essentially a bagman op.

To make it even more digestible, both Adelson and Saban are rabid Israeli-firsters. A dissident Beltway intel op cuts all corners: “The Mafia front man Sheldon Adelson financed Trump for Israeli insurance even though Israel was for Hillary.”"

I wonder if Khazars hate Armenians so much - the (((Dönmeh))) did the Armenian genocide in Turkey, and now this - because the Armenians are living in part of what should be the real Khazar homeland:  "Jews Are Enabling Genocide Against Armenian Christians In Nagorno-Karabakh" (Striker):

"The Azeri military’s war crimes against Armenian Christians have not attracted much in the way of bad publicity in the English-speaking world, likely due to the country’s close ties to international Jewry.

Last week, Azerbaijan deliberately bombed the centuries old Ghazanchetsots Cathedral. When Russian journalists arrived to report on the damage, the Azeri military launched another barrage of shells, critically injuring one. Scores of civilians have also been targeted and killed on the Armenian side.

Turkey is singled out as being the primary regional instigator in this Caucus war, but Israel’s support for Azerbaijan is arguably more substantial. The state of Israel provides 60% of Azerbaijan’s weapons, and its high tech arms, such as IAI Harops (“suicide drones”), have given the Azeri military a unique strategic edge that the Armenians have no counter to.

International investigators have also uncovered evidence that the Azeri’s are using Israeli M095 DPICM cluster munitions — which are illegal under international law — to kill and maim non-combatants.

An Israeli court recently struck down a lawsuit supported by the country’s small Armenian community, complaining that weapons manufactured in Israel were implicated in crimes against humanity. Lawyers provided evidence showing that Israel was secretly airlifting weapons to Azerbaijan just days before the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict erupted, a shocking revelation left out of most Western reporting on the subject. The Zionist regime has vowed to continue selling billions of dollars in arms to the Azerbaijan government.

The Trump administration has shown more interest in supporting Azerbaijan than any government before it, largely as a passive act of harassment against Iran. So far, $100 million dollars in aid have been dispatched to the country, but Washington has not been deeply involved in the current unfolding conflict.

The Azeri government’s lobbying tactic in the run up to this war has been to directly curry favor with American Jewry. In March, it became the first Muslim country to give a speech at AIPAC.

Last July, Armenians in Los Angeles protesting against Azerbaijan’s aggression were selectively charged with “hate crimes.” Hate crimes charges in America are generally reserved for politically disfavored ethnic groups who clash with favored ones.

Last week, Azeri ambassador Elin Suleymanov met with the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) in an attempt to get Washington to increase support for his country’s war effort."

"Bolivian coup officials and supporters stalk international election observers, launch violent incitement campaign" (Norton).  The coup plotters are getting ready for when they lose, or, alternatively, for when they steal the election and need to explain away the reports of international monitors.
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