Wednesday, October 21, 2020


"At Last, a Small Ray of Hope for Bolivia" (Karganovic).  It is no small thing to get out from under a coup so quickly, especially when you consider the lost decades, and irreparable damage, done by coups in places like Chile, Argentina, and Brazil.

Dangerous times:  tweet (Ben Norton):

"Yesterday in Bolivia, in right-wing opposition hubs of Santa Cruz and Cochabamba, extremists held rallies calling for the coup regime to overturn the results of the election and refuse to let the Movement Toward Socialism party, which won in a landslide, take power democratically"

Tweet (Ollie Vargas) (The Nazi must be crying her evil eyes out):
"With Bolivia, the OAS/US have suffered a historic defeat in the eyes of the world. Nevertheless, they're still working to impose the horrors of the Añez regime in countries like Cuba, Nicaragua & Venezuela."
This sounds like wishful thinking from the Republicans, but would turn into a real scandal if the FBI has been sitting on the laptop and its evidence of crimes, endangering this and other potential victims, for months:  "Report: Explicit Photos of Minor in Hunter Biden’s Laptop Were of a Relative — and He Was in Some of the Photos WITH HER" (Fairbanks).  Tweet (Derek Duck):
"Rudy Giuliani says he turned over Hunter Biden's laptop to Delaware State Police because of "pictures of underage girls". 
If it was JUST WORDS from Rudy alone? There'd be room to doubt. 
"CNN's Stelter Claims Toobin's Zoom Wank Was "An Accident"" (Watson).  Basically, (((Toobin))) is (((Louis CK))), without asking first.  )))People((( have been jailed for much less.

Another country makes the right choice:  "US failed to turn the Philippines against China despite maritime demarcation issues" (Antonopoulos).  I'm wondering about Australia, under extreme pressure from the Assholes, but totally fucked if it chooses wrong (and it almost certainly will).

"Donald Trump—Masks Off" (Lorenzo).  The Clarification.  Can't get rid of the Deep State, but at least you know it is there.

Speaking of the Deep State, time for some 'journalists' to run Headachegate up the flagpole again!:  "U.S. Diplomats and Spies Battle Trump Administration Over Suspected Attacks" (Swanson/Wong/Barnes).

To be fair, the Fat Fuck doesn't comprehend the concept of 'hunger', let alone a 'hunger strike':  tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"For fanatical anti-Semitic Zionist Christianist extremist end timers like 
@mikepompeo, Palestinians aren’t even human."
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