Friday, October 16, 2020

All faked

Here's another Clintonista attempt at sarcastic deflection from the laptop with its scary emails and prostitutes and crack.  Tweet thread (Dan Sloan).  Of course, they want to claim the stories from the computer guy and Giuliani are an unlikely stories, while simultaneously telling us that the real story is that somehow that rascal Putin got wind of the laptop and planted damaging emails on it (intending to help the reelection of his slave, Trump), all of which emails seem (mostly) to track what we know of the facts involving Joe and Hunter.

The computer guy naturally doesn't want to be sethriched.

"WaPo Exposes Rudy Giuliani as a Russian Agent" (Anglin).

"‘Russian hacking’! Media reverts to form in responding to Hunter Biden/Burisma report" (Malic):

"Actual journalists would have at least asked why these Hunter Biden emails are being released now, if “Russia” supposedly got them in January – at the peak of the Democrats’ attempt to impeach President Trump. After all, their principal argument was that Trump was “soliciting foreign interference” in the US election (!) by telling Ukraine it should investigate Hunter Biden’s dealings with Burisma and the circumstances of the firing of a state prosecutor reportedly looking into it. Mind you, this is with Joe Biden on the record boasting about getting the prosecutor fired. 

What was the FBI doing for the past year, just sitting on evidence that a Burisma official literally asked Hunter to “use your influence to convey a message/signal” to protect the company from the government in Kiev? It sure seemed pertinent to the whole impeachment business. 

You won’t hear these questions asked by the mainstream US media, though. They are literally insisting it’s all false, there’s nothing to see here, move along. Russia!"

"Shhh! Don’t Talk About Hunter Biden" (Dreher).  "The New York Post Gets the AmRen Treatment" (Hood).

The bigger issue:  "DC’s Atlantic Council raked in funding from Hunter Biden’s corruption-stained employer while courting his VP father" (Blumenthal).

Another reason to like Trump:  tweet (Jake Tapper):

"The president was asked last night by @SavannahGuthrie about his sharing of the insane lie that the heroes of SEAL Team Six didn’t actually kill OBL, that it was all faked — empirically a smear of brave servicemembers and a deranged claim."

"Former French President Sarkozy charged over Libyan financing".

This is a huge solve of a notorious case, including a wrongfully railroaded man who was only released due to DNA, in Canada:  "How DNA and a genealogy website helped lead to the killer of Christine Jessop" (Gillis/Hasham).
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