Sunday, October 18, 2020

Delete the tweets

 "The UAE-Israeli Connection: Who Benefits from All This?" (Mikhin).  Watching the Iron Dome spectacularly fail, again, while Iran reduces the UAE into a pile of rubble, would be very entertaining.

"‘It’s been so, so surreal.’ Critics of Sweden’s lax pandemic policies face fierce backlash" (Vogel) (note that they have quietly come around without admitting they did anything wrong).  "COVID-19: The Case Against Herd Immunity" (Ferrada de Noli).

"Gov. Andrew Cuomo plays a dangerous double game with New York Jews" (Braunstein).  The problem, goy, is entirely 'anti-Semitism', and not, of course, complete lack of compliance with the law by scofflaw Khazars.

The FBI is no more and no less than a PR division of the Democrats, and have consistently behaved accordingly:  "Senate Homeland Committee Demands Answers From FBI Over Hunter Biden Laptop" (Durden) (link:  "" - it seems that the genius programmers at Google finally lifted the ZeroHedge censorship).  Had the repair guy not contacted Giuliani, nobody would have ever heard about the laptops.

"Before the Bidens ‘Did’ Ukraine, There Was Iraq – and Serbia" (Jatras).  What Assholes have to look forward to.

Biden has (mostly) kept his vile intentions quiet (no reason to scare off voters if he doesn't have to):  tweet (tim anderson):

"More aggressive than you: #Biden again attacks Trump from the right, accuses him of helping #Venezuela and #Maduro through deportations."

Tweet (Mark Ames):

"The most USian-Left response to Hunter Biden siphoning millions out of Europe’s poorest country while his Ukraine Viceroy daddy imposes devastating austerity programs backed by neofascist muscle—policies continued by Trump— is, “we must feel Hunter Biden’s pain”."

"Top 50 U.S. Think Tanks Receive over $1Billion from US Government and Defense Contractors" (Boland).  "RAND and the Malevolent Encirclement of Russia" (Engdahl).  "Creeping Plutocracy after ‘Citizens United’: How US Election Spending skyrocketed to the GDP of some whole Countries" (Horncastle).

"Twitter Refuses To Unlock NYPost Account Unless Paper Deletes Tweets About Hunter Biden" (Durden) (link:  They have to delete the tweets that nobody can see!  It seems to be back.
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