Thursday, October 15, 2020

Foreign Intelligence Operation

 "A New Book Warns of the Imminent Danger of a Kamala Harris Presidency" (Parry).  Leaving aside the outrage of taking a gratuitous shot at Heidegger, one of the most important thinkers in world history, we get (this is getting back to a. nolen territory):  Marcuse+CIA -> 'critical theory' -> New Left -> movement of socialism from shop floor to academia, where it dies in a deadly explosion of identity politics -> Clintonista zombie anti-progressive monster in President-To-Be Harris.

"As it happens, the relationship between the CIA and the New Left’s intellectuals goes back to its origins. One of the most prominent idealogues of the Frankfurt School, Herbert Marcuse — often referred to as the “father of the New Left” — spent almost a full decade during the 1940s working for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the precursor to the CIA, and as an anti-Soviet intelligence analyst in the U.S. State Department. This was not just during wartime but continued well after WWII was over in West Germany until 1951 when Marcuse immigrated to the United States to work as a professor at universities on the east coast, the same year that the CCF was founded. However, one interesting fact that Maupin overlooks is that while Kamala Harris was growing up in Oakland in the 1960s, Marcuse relocated his teaching career out to the west coast at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), where his work continued to be cited as an influence by the middle-class student activists and radicals of the counterculture as the left drifted further away from the socialist countries and the working class."

This is probably the single most outrageous incident to date of pure partisan political interference by social media companies:  "Twitter BLOCKS sharing links to NYPost’s Hunter Biden emails story, invoking ‘HACKED MATERIALS’ policy for first time ever" and "Twitter Blocks NEW YORK POST Scoop On Hunter Biden" (Sailer):
"Isn’t visiting websites directly how the Internet used to work back in say, 2000? There were a lot of different websites and you clicked on the one you wanted to go to.

Why was it a good idea to set up a handful of zillionaire monopolists as the intermediaries between individuals and web content they want to access?"
Original story:  "Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad" (Morris/Fonrouge) (original link:  "").  This outrageous partisan political interference has given the story wings, leading to more juicy details:  "Latest Cache Of Emails Detail How Hunter Biden Earned Millions In China "For Introductions"" (ZeroHedge link, for the usual Blogger reasons: "")

Amongst other things, Biden straight up lied about the introduction in question not having happened.

"Understanding Hunter Biden's Crazy Email Laptop Scandal In 30 Seconds" (Seaman).  I knew this was going to be good when the Dems instantly came up with a big list of possible problems with the original story, to be used as talking points by the usual liars.  Even by Clintonista standards, this is remarkably foul (note the reincarnation of Russiagate!!!):  "Foreign Operatives and Rudy Try to Bail out Trump Again" (Marshall):
"As I noted above this is obviously yet another foreign intelligence operation in which Giuliani has involved himself. The only question is whether it is of the 2016 variety – a caper originated by a foreign state like Russia or whether it’s someone from one of the Gulf Emirates doing the work at Trump and Giuliani’s bidding."
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