Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Frowns upon

Tweet (CrimeLine):
"Senior District Judge Emma Louise Arbuthnot appointed as a High Court Judge"
For services rendered to a grateful Queen and CIA.  "It is time to prosecute Julian’s persecutors – The Belmarsh Tribunal" (Varoufakis).

"New ‘Licence to Kill’ bill shows UK is happy to let its spies break the law – while lecturing other countries how to behave" (Fowdy).

Monbiot is The Devil (((The Devil))):  "George Monbiot’s Excuses for Not Speaking out Loudly in Defence of Assange Simply Won’t Wash" (Cook).  I used to wonder why a decent paper would hire (((The Devil))), but now I see he just fits in perfectly.  Closely related:  "Video: Ex-OPCW Chief Jose Bustani Reads Syria Testimony that US, UK Blocked at UN" (Maté) (a reminder that the OPCW wasn't always a lying, corrupt pile of shit) and "The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté Testifies at UN on OPCW Syria Cover-up" and "Is Syria’s Idlib the Next Gaza Strip?" (Cockburn) (late-stage Yinon is ugly).

"Britain is Once Again on the Ropes" (Surin).

Tweet (Stella Morris):
"Julian's extradition case, which should have been thrown out before it even reached the court room, is one of the main reasons the UK has dropped several places in @RSF_inter's World Press Freedom index."
Due to the virus, Canada is having a 'virtual' Parliament, with some MPs present in person, and some connected electronically, so some MPs are pulling stunts: tweet (David Akin):
"#CPC MP ⁦@ScotDavidsonMP delivers an #so31 to the #HOC wearing a jacket, tie - and hip waders knee deep in a pond - asking for govt help to clean Lake Simcoe. That’s a first!"
"Grapefruit Is One of the Weirdest Fruits on the Planet" (Nosowitz).  I once had a pharmacist caution me about taking grapefruit juice with some drug, then he laughed and said it probably didn't matter.

The big conspiracy theory is that Turkey is helping to fight Armenia as part of a big conspiracy to force Armenia to seek protection, especially after a nasty military defeat, by splitting from the Russian orbit and getting closer to NATO.  That would make Euro-trash complaints about Turkey obfuscation in order to hide the fact that Europe is fully on board with what Turkey is doing.  Separating Armenia from both Russian and Iranian alliances is also why Israel is involved.

More from the giant brains in the State Department, the pure genius we saw on full display at the impeachment hearings:  "Western Lockdown to Shut Down China" (Johnson).

"The ruling is a historic departure for post-war liberalism, which traditionally frowns upon putting members of parliament in prison for their beliefs."

Did MbZ ever get Rolled By The Jews!:  "Bipartisan Bill Would Give Israel a Veto on Middle East Arms Sales" (Kampeas) ("Most of the sponsors are Democrats").  Any political scientist from Mars looking at this would have to conclude Assholia is not a sovereign country.

What could possibly go wrong?:  "Israel sets its sights on the Red Sea and Bab El-Mandeb".

Stalingrad-Aleppo:  "Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad on the “Role of Russia” in Syria War":
". . . we have to recognize that Trump has an important merit, which is exposing the American regime.  For us, it was already exposed, but it was hiding behind some pretty masks – like democracy, human rights, and other similar things.  Trump is frank.  He says, “this is what we do.”  So even if Trump doesn’t say it, we must know that it is part of their policy and part of their thinking.  The United States does not accept partners in the world, and consequently does not accept independent states, including in the West.  The West is a satellite of the United States, not its partner.  They are not independent.  The Americans do not accept an independent individual or an independent state.  They do not even accept Russia, which is a superpower, to be independent.  They do not accept you even in history; they even deny your role in eliminating Nazism, as if Russia had no role in that.
So, if they haven’t accepted Russia in the past, why would they accept it in the present?  And if they haven’t accepted the large Russian state as independent, would they accept Syria, a smaller country, as an independent state?  This is the problem with the Americans: they do not accept any individual who acts in the best interest of his country, any individual who respects himself, or maintains an independent national decision."
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