Friday, October 09, 2020


 "The United States has Intensified the Process of Forming Coalitions against its Adversaries" (Odintsov).  "‘Asian NATO’ plan stillborn at Tokyo Quad meet" (Bhurtel).

"Thought Control American Style: the Social Justice Warriors Will Destroy Our Basic Freedoms" (Giraldi).  'Critical theory' is now a necessary component of being a 'genius'.  This is interesting as it seems to have been invented to allow 'special' people, not smart enough for traditional university work, to pass as academics.

"Russia’s Strategic Intervention in Syria Five Years On – An ‘Unpardonable Blow’ to U.S. Empire".  There was a time when Yinon was regarded as inevitable.

Pretty deep for a joke:  "Man With 20 Rifles Can’t Remember If His Goal To Start Or Stop Violent Overthrow Of Government".

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