Friday, October 02, 2020


Tweet (Ben Norton):
"I have never seen someone grovel as hard as Mehdi Hasan to try to get an MSNBC show. He will shred any scintilla of credibility he had to get right-wing war hawk Joe Biden elected (and get a prime-time slot, of course).  
Mehdi has broken the world record in bending over backwards"
Tweet (Micah Lee):
"Mehdi’s new show is going to be so incredibly epic. A much wider audience definitely needs to see him, I can’t wait"
I'm starting to wonder what really killed Dawn Sturgess.

"Do Canadian Sanctions Against Venezuela Violate Canadian Law? A Question of Democracy" (Dekany).  Good stuff!  I would have thought the obvious intention of Parliament was to prevent sanctions just like these against Venezuela, arbitrary whims of some Nazi or other in the Canadian government, thus requiring the legitimacy given with the imprimatur of a real international organization (and not an 'organization' made up for the sole purpose of evading the intent of Parliament).  What's the remedy?  Can somebody get a court to order the Minister to lift the sanctions?
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