Friday, October 30, 2020


Tweet (Max Blumenthal):

"From 2017: The Intercept withheld Snowden NSA doc that could have altered the course of the Syrian dirty war, then spun it to comport with the Syrian opposition’s narrative of the war"

A reply by Coyotl (the reason for setting it up was to intercept and hide the Snowden material, then a bunch of other stuff, and then, in Peak Irony, Greenwald himself):
"Why do you think it's called #TheIntercept ?"
Tweet (Olivia A-S):
"Shocking, awful news. Bolivian mining union (FSTMB) leader Orlando Gutiérrez has just died after he was viciously beaten by a fascist, anti-MAS gang in the wake of the elections."
"How a key Pentagon official turned China policy over to arms industry and Taiwan supporters" (Porter).  As we would naturally expect, lotsa ((()))s.

"Labour suspends Jeremy Corbyn over EHRC report comments" (Elgot/Walker).  I don't know how many times I have to say that completely cucking out is not the way to deal with Khazars.  They are extremely sensitive to weakness, and trying to be nice to them inevitably leads to your immediate annihilation.  I'm also starting to think that Corbyn's 'niceness' isn't really niceness at all, but is some sort of weird psychological problem.

"The New York Times attacks the First Amendment and embraces censorship of “disinformation”" (Reed).  The Evils of the (((Bazelton family))) is a big Sailer topic.
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