Saturday, October 10, 2020

It isn’t a barometer, it’s a mirror.

Soros false-flag pseudo-kidnapping?:  tweet (Undercover Huber):

"A BLM supporter and Trump hater tried to kidnap Whitmer really wrecks the intended narrative so you can expect this story to disappear"

This is quite something!: "Why the Dems Can’t Have Nice Things (Like the White House)" (Van Buren).  Yet, they could sweep everything, because Trump's weird family dynamics means one day in February he had to listen to President Jared tell him he couldn't disturb the profits of the (((hedge-fund managers))).

Assholes!  I know people are evil all over the world, with a particular nod to Khazars, but Assholes are on a planet of their own.  "Where Is My Final Assange Report?" (Murray).  "Following US Pressure, Aid to Yemen Falls to Just 25 Cents Per Day" (MacLeod).

"The OPCW join the Navalny “poison” cocktail party" (beeley).  "Germany, France to sanction Russia over Navalny’s alleged poisoning" (Weiss).

"Israel lobby will face blowback, eventually" (Engler) (John Clark is a Very Good Man) (see last paragraph of this posting - I just can't get Blogger to follow this link so you'll have to find it yourself at ""):
"The Israel lobby is a unique political force. Rooted in European colonialism and the US empire’s regional interests, it is backed by many zealous billionaires and a substantial portion of a generally influential ethnic/religious community. It also crassly exploits victimhood. As John Clark, a well known organizer with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, recently posted on Facebook, “Zionism is the only political ideology I know of that claims that disagreement with it is a hate crime.”"
"More on the Anti-Semitism Scam: Jewish Students Get Protected Status" (Giraldi). "Despite Ambiguity in International Law, Palestinians are Winning the ‘Legitimacy War’" (Baroud).

"Facing Down Israel’s Stooges at the Heart of Our Parliament" (Littlewood).  "Non-Aligned Movement Demands Israel Withdraw to 1967 Borders With Syria" (Tsukanov).

The new Blogger interface is a treat.  It arbitrarily changes links to unknown pages on the blog itself, and then refuses to be updated.  Wonderful work, Google!  This is feeling jump-the-shark-ish for the entirety of Google.  If executives could give a pass to such obvious crapification, what else are they up to?

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