Saturday, October 31, 2020

Maple washing

"Israel lobby slaughters Corbyn again" (Winstanley).  Sounds like an invitation to start a Real Labour Party, ideally quietly judenrein.

Tweet (Ben Norton) (it all makes sense, and only makes sense, goyim, when you realize that the only entities with human rights are human beings, and Khazars are the only human beings, qed):

"The director of the Americas division of billionaire-funded "Human Rights Watch," José Miguel Vivanco, lobbies for murderous US sanctions on Venezuela and Nicaragua while smearing Jeremy Corbyn as anti-Semitic.

HRW is a total fraud"

Tweet (Joe Catron) (Cohen has levels of racism-permitting Jewish privilege you can see from space) (Sailer):

"The striking thing about Sacha Baron Cohen is how favorably his gutter-level racist caricatures are received by American liberals only because they depict people from parts of the world they hate."

"How Bolivia’s new socialist senator resisted coup terror: Meet MAS party leader Patricia Arce" (Blumenthal/Norton).  I think the fact that this was a real mass movement, with credible ability to shut down the entire country, explains why the coup plotters had to give up.

"Why Canada Must Release Meng Wan Zhou" (Noh).  Maple washing.  "Meng Wanzhou scores victory as lawyers allowed to argue U.S. tried to trick Canada" (Proctor).
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