Sunday, October 04, 2020


What is with with 'Green' parties, anyway, always a huge disappointment, or worse, and the home of the worst crazies in politics?:  tweet (Paris Marx):
"This is the Canadian Green Party’s new leader.  They’ve actually gone further to the right, especially on foreign policy, than Elizabeth May."
Rothschilds versus the Resistance: "Will Lebanon be the Next US-NATO Humanitarian War? The Elimination of Hezbollah is Israel’s Top Priority" (Sahiounie).

""Jewish Soldiers and Civilians Looted Arab Neighbors' Property en Masse in '48. The Authorities Turned a Blind Eye" Haaretz".  Which famous 'anti-Semite' said:  "Most of the Jews are thieves"?  All I have to add is 'most?'.

Naming names in the absolute flurry of Khazar wrongdoing/oppression:  "Israel Lobby Will Face Blowback, eventually" (Engler):
"Last month the Israel lobby pressed the University of Toronto’s law school to rescind a job offer to head its International Human Rights Program. The pressure to block the hiring committee’s candidate, Valentina Azarova, came from judge David Spiro, who was a former Toronto Co-chair of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and whose uncle Larry Tanenbaum owns the Toronto Raptors and grandmother Anne Tanenbaum financed the University of Toronto’s centre for Jewish studies. While Spiro’s efforts were covert, B’nai B’rith has openly called on University of Toronto administrators to block the hiring committee’s decision."
Every single defendant who didn't like any ruling of this judge needs to use this as a way of reopening the issue.  Be creative!  Also, how is it even possible that the Dean of the Law School hasn't been fired?  I know the answer - shekels!
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