Sunday, October 25, 2020


"‘Pragmatic conservative’ Putin rejects totalitarian rule, but won’t embrace Western liberal democracy as Russia goes its own way" (Robinson):

"Given the Manichean, black-and-white view so many Western liberals have of the world, Putin’s rejection of Western liberal democracy as a universal model is wrongly interpreted as a rejection of democracy per se, and as an endorsement of authoritarian, even totalitarian or fascistic rule. But as his speech shows, the reality is rather more complex.

It is often said that Russia has moved in a conservative, more ideological direction since 2012. There is some truth to this, but Putin’s speech demonstrates a pragmatic flexibility that rejects rigid ideological models. This was clear in his comments on the economy. On the one hand, he spoke about “transitioning to a market economy” being a desirable goal. But, on the other hand, he argued that a pure market economy exists nowhere, that state intervention is often necessary, and that “no model is pure or rigid.”

So, how do we decide what to do, Putin asked. “Expediency,” he opined. “We need to avoid using any templates.” If there is a common theme to come out of his comments to the Valdai Club, it was that: the need to avoid templates, be they liberal, communist, authoritarian, or anything else. Putin once described himself as a “pragmatist with a conservative perspective.” That seems about right."

"Putin On The Role Of The State In The Economy" (Moon).

It is impossible to imagine either of the Assholian Presidential candidates turning his mind to these type of issues.

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