Friday, October 23, 2020


"Russophrenia... Or How A Collapsing Country Runs The World" (Armstrong).  All the links to fools!

It's (((unverified)))!  Why?  Because it's (((unverified)))!:  tweet (Michael Tracey):

"I love this idea that it's some kind of profound metaphysical-journalistic impossibility to verify the contents of a laptop hard-drive. As if you can't simply ask the people whose names appear in the published email correspondences. Insultingly stupid"

"How BlackRock is on Track to Infiltrate a Biden Administration" (Moran). From the frying pan to the fire.

"Data from Bolivia’s Election Add More Evidence That OAS Fabricated Last Year’s Fraud Claims" (Johnston).

"Top 10 People to Blame if Joe Biden Loses (It’s Not The Left)" (Camp).  This is the first Presidential election campaign, at least in modern times, where one of the two candidates didn't campaign.  At all.  It is quite amazing.  Of course, Biden's handlers knew they couldn't afford to let him stumble into the real world, for the obvious late senility reasons, but still.

Funny reporting (the dead guy got the placebo!):  tweet (Rhys Morgan):
"Fuck you, WashPo. Fuck you. This person hadn’t even received the jab, they had the placebo - and then died of COVID. 
You *know* vaccine denialism is an enormous problem, especially with any potential COVID vaccine. This headline is so grossly immoral. Fuck you."
"The 465-Page Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition Is Out" (Michael K).  Bill!
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