Monday, October 19, 2020

Should Have Been Killed

"US official went to Syria seeking Americans’ release: Report" (and it's Kash Patel, the guy who was largely responsible for sinking Russiagate and the impeachment!).  "US, Syria Enter Secret Negotiations, a Deeply Censored Story".   "Bashar al-Assad "Should Have Been Killed" Long Ago: Israeli Military Intel Chief".

"US Rejects Putin’s Offer to Renew New START for One Year" (DeCamp).  I assume Trump would if the MIC let him, as this is the kind of thing that is very good for his brand.

"Unelected Bolivian govt detains, doxxes, threatens international observers on eve of election" (Norton).  Tweet (Ollie Vargas):

"This is Bolivia. Quite extraordinary, considering that an unelected regime tried to exterminate this party, through massacres, persecution, racism, hunger. It didn't work. These people are facing down the coup and the most powerful country in the world, the US, all at once."

"China grows nearly 5%; Will historians look back at Trump’s disastrous Pandemic Response as the Moment Beijing Overtook the US?" (Cole).  Looking after the outrageous profits of (((hedge fund manager billionaires))) rather than the interests of the entire country is a classic corruption move with classic consequences.  Were it not for the sheer abject tragedy of the alternative, Trump should be voted out just for that mistake.

On various regime changes, and casting justified shade at Armenia:  "Before the Elections" (Shamir).

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