Thursday, October 08, 2020

Slightly repetitive

"UK COVID-19 cases triple in a fortnight" (Stevens).  Tweet (Jim Edwards):
"UK coronavirus cases. Yikes."
Don't forget to thank your local Khazar for ensuring that the country got the wise guidance of Boris rather than that 'anti-Semitic' (i.e., prejudiced against murder and land theft) nut Jeremy, who no doubt would have done much, much, much worse.

The Asshole State Department snuck in another one:  "Opposition parties seize power in Kyrgyzstan amid growing geopolitical rivalry in the region" (Melanovski/Weiss).

"Bolivian MAS candidate warns coup regime is threatening military force to stop it winning" (Chacko).

It would be hilarious if the revenge of MbZ for being made to look like a clownish fool by the Khazars would be to buy far, far, far superior weapons from the Russians and Chinese rather than the corruption-riddled pilot-killing crap turned out by the Asshole MIC:  "Gulf Sheikhs resent subaltern role" (Bhadrakumar).

The actual reporting of Weiss continues to be excellent, and completely undermines the PR message of his blog!:  "Worshiping the state of Israel on Yom Kippur, in a leading NY synagogue".

Not their worst problem:  "Jihadist regime forbids philosophy in Syria’s Idlib" (al-Kanj).  When you think about it, this is the same spirit that informs the lack of support for Assange.  "“None Of It Reported”: How Corporate Media Buried The Assange Trial" (Media Lens) (this piece is superbly documented).

"Somerton Man brought back to life in new animation by Star Trek special effects artist".
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