Wednesday, October 14, 2020

So commercialized

 "Of Amazon We Should Be Afraid, Very Afraid!" (Wilds) (ZeroHedge link: "").  Tweet (Emo Philips):

"#PrimeDayhas gotten so commercialized"
Tweet (Mark Ames):
""White Lives Matter" + EU flags march in Ukraine. 
Today Ukraine officially honors its WWII Nazi collaborators OUN-UPA, whose members participated in the Holocaust & murdered 100,000 ethnic Poles. It's illegal in Ukraine to "disrespect" its Nazi collabos."
Tweet (@zei_squirrel):
"the guardian obituary of david graeber contains zero mentions of one of his primary areas of focus over the past 5 years: supporting corbyn and exposing the smear campaign against him. why? bc as david pointed out the guardian played a crucial role in this. it's his pinned tweet!"
"Nayib Bukele's war on quality investigative journalism" (El Salvador Prespectives),  On the bright side, at least they have investigative journalism.

I always find the American nationalists interesting because of all the philosophy they churn through:  "Hook, Line, & Sinker: Steve Bannon & the Usual Suspects" (O'Meara).
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