Saturday, October 03, 2020

Socialist coup

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"This is an incredibly blatant example of US gov't propaganda in the media.  
This AFP/Yahoo article was first titled "Venezuela condemns US warship 'provocation,'" but then the headline was changed to falsely portray Venezuela as the aggressor and obediently echo the US military"
Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris):
"Under the Trudeau government, the 20 richest Canadians gained $37 billion in net worth during the pandemic. 
The right-wing Conservatives are now so extreme that they regard
@JustinTrudeau’s billionaire-friendly government as a “socialist coup.” 
Tweets by Red Star Radio on Mehdi Hasan and what you have to do to succeed in 'journalism' with the (((media))).

Hexbollah and the New IRA!:  "Why Is the British Press Sexing Up Stories on Hezbollah, Iran and China?" (Jay).

"Macron demands Turkey explain 'jihadists' in Azerbaijan".  Tweet (Bethan McKernan):
"BREAKING - we have spoken to a Syrian recruit on the ground in Nagorno-Karabakh who confirmed he and 1,000 men from the Turkish-backed Sultan Murad, Suleiman Shah and Al Hamza divisions arrived on 24 Sept. Some posted to front lines, 10 deaths already"
"Violent "Antifa" Doxer Is Prominent Syracuse-Based Jewish Political Strategist" (Striker).

"“Why I’m Voting for Donald Trump”" (Craig D.).
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