Monday, October 26, 2020

Staggering to victory

"Joe Biden Forgets Trump's Name Again, Claims He Is Running Against "George Bush"" (Durden).  "It’s a Lid! Trump Campaign Staff Says Joe Biden Will Not Do Any More In-Person Campaigning Until Election" (Fairbanks).  This whole election is so symbolic of the current state of Assholia!

"'Renminbi Diplomacy': How China Bought The US Government?" (Sadiq).  "Chinese intelligence files are the Achilles Heel of the Globalists" (Lang).  The irony is, at the end of four years of relentless Russiagate, Trump is clearly not controlled by Putin (which should be apparent in a multitude of Assholian actions towards Russia), but Biden is clearly owned by China.

Everybody run for the Assholian embassy and grab onto the helicopter landing skids!:  "Time to Flee Bolivia? Jeanine Áñez Asks U.S. for 350 Visas after Arce’s Victory".  "Venezuelan Hard Right Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez Flees to Spain" (Vaz).

"Break in Relations With the EU? – ‘If This Is the Way They Want It, So Be It’" (Crooke).  Euro-trash.  Another good reason to hope for a Trump victory would be that it might be enough to force the 'Trash into growing up and facing the real world, but I doubt it.  And why is Britain always described as the bad guy in the 'negotiations' over Brexit?  The 'Trash can't negotiate in good faith as a 'clean' break will mean everybody else will rush for the doors.  Who would be crazy enough to willingly stay in 'Europe'?  Of course, lacking first past the post voting, and with layers of unelected/unremovable 'Trash actually running things, nobody can do anything about these morons.

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