Tuesday, October 06, 2020


Assholia looks like Laundromatia to a Jew:  "Netanyahu’s Dirty Laundry Tells All" (Giraldi).  Emergency silverware count.  Strangely similar story:  "Non-Profit Behind Charlottesville "White Supremacy" Lawsuit Is Lining Roberta Kaplan's Pockets" (Striker).

"Gantz: During Next War with Hezbollah, ‘Israel’ Will Strike Governmental Targets in Lebanon".  Nice of him to say as it removes all possible objections to the Hezbollah rocket attacks on the Khleptos.

"Biden Lied: Treasury Dept Confirms Hunter Biden Received $3.5 Million Wire Transfer" (Borelli).

"Israel lobby pressures Univ of Toronto to rescind scholar hire" (Barrows-Friedman).  The supreme power of shekels means that the law school is just going to tough this out, ignore the criticism, make up some obfuscating shit, and change nothing.
"Dania Majid, founder of the Arab Canadian Lawyers’ Association, told The Electronic Intifada that scholars and faculty who first heard that Azarova’s job was rescinded gave the university an opportunity to resolve the situation before the story hit the media.
“There were quite a few people who wrote to the dean personally, and said: ‘this was a bad call and you should take steps to rectify it,’” she said.
“The university decided to not just [refuse] to take the opportunity, but to call everybody a liar – all the academics, all the professors, those who resigned from their positions, all of them were just ‘liars,’” Majid added.
“But they never denied the fact that the interference was made. They were just quibbling over what counts as a job offer.”"
"“Clash of Civilizations”? Exposing Armenia’s Infowar Strategy Against Azerbaijan" (Korybko).  Yeah, Armenia is (mostly) the bad guy here (although it seems to be certain that Turkey has sent part of its jihad army, although they may even be counter-productive), which is why this whole war is difficult to analyze.
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