Tuesday, October 20, 2020


 "Bolivia election: Evo Morales's leftwing party celebrates stunning comeback" (Phillips/Collyns).  Let's see, they won the election, faced a coup, then were well ahead in the polls, so "a stunning political comeback".  What's stunning is that the election was held at all.  I imagine today there are a lot of nervous calls to Langley seeking exfiltration, where they can be stored, like princelings of Iran, Haftar, or Gülen, for a CIA rainy day.

"Bolivia Has Won. Will Trump Win Too?" (Moon).  I've been thinking about the unsolved disappearance of Maura Murray, and in particular why, at this late date, although it is clear there are those in the know,  there is still no explanation why she was driving a faulty car in New Hampshire on a winter evening (one theory is that she was fleeing an abusive relationship on a quasi-official, but off-the-books, underground railway to Canada or Mexico for women in danger from partners who could, and would, find them, a theory which would explain why the truth is hidden, as such a program is both highly illegal but worth protecting).  Not having a 'theory of the crime' means the crime can never be solved.  With American politics, all I see are country wide polling results, with most polls being obviously defective (not accounting for 'shy' Trump voters, using land lines which are known to skew results, and even polling predominantly self-described Democrats).  Yet everybody knows that this election will be a repeat of the last, with only a few key states determining the issue (again, the states where Trump is working hard like the carnival barker he is, with neither Clinton/Biden, nor their respective campaign workers, ever to be seen), and that issue is never directly addressed.  The 'theory of the crime' is nowhere to be found. It is as if the (((media))) is trying to mislead everybody to push poll Biden to victory.

"The Muslim Zionists" (Salaita).  The universal language of politics is shekels.  See also:  "The White House is Wrapping Sudan around its Little Finger" (Kulikov).

"Internet Resources Become Weaponized" (Giraldi).  In case it is still (((unclear))):  "Jewish Organization Admits to Role Censoring Donald Trump and Conservatives On Facebook and Twitter; Promises More" (Striker).  You can say all you want that Trump as 'peace President' is phony, but it is crystal clear that the sole motivation of the never-Trumpers is a relative absence of Wars For The Jews.  Full stop.  See:  "Escobar: There Won't Be An Iranian 'October Surprise'".  It is off-brand for Trump, and brand is everything for him, particularly in an election campaign.  The interregnum?  If Trump loses, can the Khazars buy a War For The Jews from Trump?  Shekels and promising to call off the attack dogs like Shifty and Pants Shitter?  It's possible - never discount the power of shekels - but I think Trump is in no more danger of Dem retaliation that the crooks Trump promises to lock up.  The unwritten first law of Assholian politics is that the worst criminals are never punished, and it is bipartisan.

"Streisand Effect: Twitter Ban On Biden Laptop Scandal Nearly Doubled Visibility According To MIT" (Durden).  Is 'Jack' a secret Trump fan? [more New Blogger crap - I had to fix this link, but the link editor had to be clicked below the bottom of the displayed page, and it couldn't be scrolled, something I was able to deal with by reducing the size of the text overall, but still . . . ]

The most polite description of 'influence peddling' you will ever see:  "Can Hunter Biden Be Both Right and Wrong, Both Innocent and Guilty? Yes He Can." (Neuburger).  Preemptive nothing to see here, classic Wikipedia crap:  "DEBUNKED! Wikipedia Editors Back Bidens, Stifle Dissent" (Durden).

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