Saturday, October 24, 2020

Their circle of peace

Tweet (Whitney Webb):

"People who believe anonymous intelligence officials and former govt hackers turned "cybersecurity professionals" about "Iranian election meddling" would do well to remember this story from just a couple months ago."

"Syria: Six Million Displaced People Have Returned Home".  "Syrian Refugees Have Become a Tool of Duplicitous Politics" (Salah).

"BBC's upcoming White Helmets ‘documentary’ gears up to be a character assassination of those who challenge Syria war narratives" (Beeley).  "Same Old Fakes Tales Told by US, UK, and Germany about “Damascus’ Chemical Weapons”" (Odintsov).

"Magic Novichok" (Murray).  Another list of implausibilities.

"Picket of Guardian Calls for their Yellow Journalists and Luke Harding to Start Telling the Truth About Julian Assange Rather Than Being a Conduit for the Security State" (Greenstein).  "Guardian-Friendly Omissions" (Media Lens).

"The ‘left-wing anti-Semitism’ hoax" (Winstanley).

"Twitter vs. the First Amendment in Social Media Censorship" (Van Buren).  It is funny that the Khazars got us hooked on censorship on social media through worries about pedophilia, while pedophilia itself is one of the main Khazar values, and is being relentlessly mainstreamed by the (((same people))) (it is love, goyim).  Censorship is now partisan political censorship, all due to Trump's Clarification.  The First Amendement needs to be fixed (extended/reconfigured), as 18th century political thinkers had no concept of 100% control over information by (((corporations))) with (((agendas))), in this case, a clear Never Trump agenda in order to get more Wars For The Jews.

"Leaked emails suggest shocking US mercenary plot in Bolivia" (Klarenberg).  "US mercenaries accused of plot to put ‘boots on the ground’ ahead of Bolivia's crucial elections" (Sweeney).  This kind of shit is inevitable (we've already seen it against Venezuela), and will be a serious threat for the foreseeable future.  Bolivia desperately needs to fix its military on the model of Cuba or Venezuela.

Sudan tried to hold out, but then Shlomo arrived with the big bags of shekels:  "Sudan & Israel Agree To Normalize Ties In Another Historic US-Brokered Deal" (Durden).  "Sudan Bends to Trump’s Pressure to Normalize Relations with Israel" (Sahiounie).  "Sudan and Israel agree to tie the knot" (Nassar).

"Cracking the Ghislaine Maxwell redactions" (Doctorow).  So easy even 'journalists' at the famously useless Slate can manage it!
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