Tuesday, October 27, 2020


 Despite the full ban in coverage in the (((media))) and (((social media))), it appears some people have an interest in the subject of Hunter:  tweet (A. J. Katz):

"Tucker Carlson Tonight has achieved a new record in October, posting the most-watched month of any program in the history of cable news: 5.3 million viewers tuning into his show during the 8 p.m. hour."

"Ultimatum day in Belarus: Tikhanovskaya announces strike after Lukashenko refuses to resign, Minsk denies work has stopped" (Tickle).  "Belarus - Opposition Call For 'Crippling General Strike' Fails To Reach Workers" (Moon).  Threats of right-wing general strikes aren't very scary.

"Adelsons got a lot from Trump for $75 million — but media won’t tell you what" (Weiss/North).

"Nuking Itself… How Russophobia Led the U.S. to Bomb its Own Citizens" (Cunningham).

"Pompeo’s ‘Tokyo Kick’ Cannot Start the QUAD" (Sheikh).  In unison, 'we'll get back to you on that, you Fat Fuck'.

"Chile restores democratic rule" (Doctorow).  It has been a rough week for worthies like the Fat Fuck and The Nazi.

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