Friday, October 30, 2020


 "The Fight To Save Bolivia’s Lithium" (Vargas).  

"The Two Undersides to Geo-Politics" (Crooke).  Standards.

"Neoconservatives are flocking to Biden (and let’s forget about the Iran deal)" (Weiss).

"Social media's erasure of Palestinians is a grim warning for our future" (Cook).  The JQ is always everybody's problem.

We really are going to need a bloodly, violent revolution at some time, just to clean up the accumulated dreck:  "After Ottawa monument is vandalized, Ontario adopts International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s ‘working definition of anti-Semitism’" (Benzie).

How could anybody hate such a likeable bunch?!  "Jews Attack Arabs for Picking Olives Every Day" (Anglin).  "Israelis have Destroyed 1 mn Palestinian Olive Trees; this Month, they’re at it Again" (Samaana).

Politicians get better poll results than the lies provided by the (((media))), and something must have absolutely terrified the Biden campaign enough to let him out of the basement, particularly when you consider the extreme risk taken every time he opens his mouth:  tweet (Johnny Verhovek):

"Biden asked if his trip to MN is a sign of concern: “No I’m not concerned. Were gonna be in Wisconsin, so I thought I’d stop in Minnesota. I don’t take anything for granted. we’re gonna work for every single vote up til the last minute.”"

Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris) (another example of how truly mediocre, or even worse, results are shielded by Canada's proximity to the pit of iniquity, Assholia, giving truly horrible Canadian politicians a free pass):

"A new report from Canada's Chief Public Health Officer reveals Canada ranked 79th out of 210 countries in total #COVID19 cases per million, and 26th for total deaths per million, as of Aug. 22. 

A country as wealthy as ours should have fared much better."

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