Thursday, October 01, 2020

Violating sanctity

Tweet (Rob DenBleyker Except Pretend It's A Spooky Name) (mind you, being an actual Rhodes Scholar is without possible debate the single worst thing you can be, utterly beneath contempt, the one issue the LaRouchians are right about):
"lmao fuck"
Joon Say Quan thread on the peoples of Nigeria.

Did the Uke neo-Nazis off an American diplomat?

"Israel’s army of archaeological looters" (Srouji).  Khazars = thieves.

Swedes acting very guilty:  "Crew Behind New Film About Estonia Tragedy Charged With Violating Sanctity of Underwater Grave" (Kuznetsov).

'Bloody' acting very guilty:  "CIA Director Haspel Personally Blocking Declassification Of Russiagate Documents" (Schwartz).

"NYT: White Leftist Anarchists Are Organizing Riots, Much Like Bill Barr Says" (Sailer).  The JYT lies constantly, even about things you can see are lies with your own lyin' eyes, but occasionally sneaks in a truth piece to be held up and waved around if somebody dares question all the lying somewhere down the road.

"Why the US Is Falling – and Faster than You May Expect: A 40-year-old Prediction Coming True" (Oberg):
"Sadly, it seems that there is not one ministry of foreign affairs among the EU /NATO countries that has even thought of developing a strategy for the post-US dominated West."
"Pirate Care, a syllabus"
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