Tuesday, November 24, 2020


"Biden’s Picked Eight Major Administration Members Already – Five Are Jewish (62.5% Jewish)" (Anglin).  31X.

"A Biden Administration Will Be Dominated by More U.S. Aggression" (Cunningham).  Interview with Christopher Black (with absolutely no mention of the JQ!!!):

"Question: What in your view needs to change in order to make U.S. foreign conduct abide by international law and therefore enhance the prospects for world peace?

Christopher Black: It will require a revolution in the United States to do that, an overthrow of the economic powers that control the machinery of the state, but there is no prospect of that happening. There is really no effective opposition to these policies in the U.S. The peace movement is weak and fragmented, dominated by the “cruise missile liberals”. The voices of reason have no power, no real influence among the masses of the people which are dominated by a sophisticated propaganda machine known as the “media”. Censorship is increasing and the few critical voices that exist are being silenced.

It will take, in my view, a military defeat of the United States in order to bring about the conditions necessary for the required changes. And, perhaps that will happen, as China has stated time and again, that if Washington decides to take direct control of their island of Taiwan and the Americans interfere or if they are attacked in the South China Sea, they will defeat the U.S. But such a war would have world consequences and would cause realignments of power not only in the USA, if we all survive it."

If the Assholes needed another excuse to put brown paper bags of shame over their heads, the undignified spectacle of the Fat Fuck scrambling around to pay off Sheldon's last $75 million should do it.  "Trump Administration Displays Its Love for Israel" (Giraldi):

"President Donald Trump’s gifts to Israel in the last few weeks of his administration are, quite frankly, incomprehensible based on any consideration that U.S. foreign policy should be reflective of American national and international interests."

"Did Netanyahu meet with the Saudi crown prince?" (Nassar) (also) (also).  Putting on the peak pressure for that recognition of the Zionist thief country, but the Saudi princelings feel a little tender around the necks, and would like to keep their heads attached.  "Saudis may stall on Trump's Middle East peace plan now he’s on the way out" (Chulov).

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