Sunday, November 29, 2020


"Canadian Media Refuses to Publish Op-ed by Venezuelan Foreign Minister" (Engler):

"As Arreaza pointed out in his op-ed, the Trudeau government’s Venezuela policy took a sharply belligerent turn after Donald Trump became president and Chrystia Freeland replaced Stéphane Dion as foreign affairs minister. In reaction to Freeland’s January 2017 appointment an official at the US embassy in Ottawa claimed Justin Trudeau appointed her to promote the interests of Washington. In July 2019 researcher Jay Watts disclosed a dispatch from the US embassy in Ottawa to the State Department in Washington entitled “Canada Adopts ‘America First’ Foreign Policy.” Uncovered through a freedom of information request, the largely redacted cable also notes that Trudeau’s government would be “Prioritizing U.S. Relations, ASAP.” Despite all kinds of fawning coverage of Freeland, the dominant media has completely ignored the US cable."

"The AngloZionists are trying to provoke a war with Iran" (The Saker).  The revenge will have to wait for due time, which is when Hezbollah has to defensively finish the Zionist squatting entity with a massive rocket attack.  Now is definitely not the time.

This is outrageous, but no more outrageous than what the Khazars do every day, without anybody daring to complain:  "The return of the Hohenzollern imperial dynasty to Germany" (Rippert).

"Russia: Pompeo visit to settlement reflects US disrespect to international principles".  It is the constant giving of things by a giver who has no right to give, to a taker who has no right to take.

6,000,001.  Inexcusable!  This break with the magical 6 million will be the end of the Khazar land-staling luck.
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