Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Astrology for liberals

Tweet (Murtaza M. Hussain):

"Please abolish the 538 site. It's basically astrology for liberals at this point."

It creates a dangerous sense of complacency which allows Dems like Biden and his handlers to think they can get by without any work campaigning, and further encourages all the worst instincts of the Dems to run completely unsuitable candidates.

Congrats to Trump though.  Against unbelievable odds - the entire (((media))) and (((social media))) vehemently against him (and, relying on the wonderful advice of President Jared to keep the bubble going for the (((hedge find managers))), deciding to ignore the pandemic, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands and the destruction of the economy, normally a problem for a candidate) - he put up a competitive fight, and still might pull it out.  Of course, the vehemence of the (((opposition))) is a factor itself, as Americans, not wishing to die in the nuclear winter, are more )))woke((( than the (((media))) can comprehend.
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