Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Atlas shrugs

Two years from now will those Assholes still alive, sort of, ask themselves the musical question:  'why, oh why, did we choose nuclear winter?'?  What did you think the (((Never Trumpers))) would want?

Ha!:  "‘Lockdowns KILL’: Trump Covid adviser Atlas forced to APOLOGIZE for RT interview as media uproar deflects to ‘Russian propaganda’".  'Scott Atlas' doesn't sound like a real name.

The ongoing British warmongering PR story, from the expert:  "Leaked papers outline UK govt's secret training & PR op for Syrian militants projected to cost MILLIONS" (Klarenberg).

Tweet (Aaron Maté):

"Confronted about his silence on OPCW's Syria scandal, @GeorgeMonbiot tried to mock @TheGrayzoneNews, & cited a @Bellingcat article that we have now exposed as a fraud: (https://thegrayzone.com/2020/10/28/draft-debacle-bellingcat-smears-opcw-whistleblower-journalists-with-false-letter-farcical-claims/…

Bellingcat has gone mute & deleted tweets -- will George do the same, or apologize?"
I've recently been thinking that the only two essential media outlets are Consortium News and The Grayzone.

"Remembering Robert Fisk: A mentor" (Bohdan).  Fisk remains controversial in 'alt' circles as he coupled being on the right side of a lot of big issues (almost unheard of in the (((media)))), with perhaps not following through completely on the implications of what he wrote.

Sweden ≠ 'Sweden':  "‘Like North Korea’:  Sweden’s Coronavirus Critics Silenced" (Goldberg).

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