Saturday, November 28, 2020

Bare behind

 "US Intervenes as Venezuela Prepares for High Stakes Election" (Harris):

"Guaidó’s claim to the national presidency was based on being third in constitutional succession, overlooking that neither the Venezuelan president nor vice-president had vacated their offices. At the time, the 35-year-old was unknown to 81% of the Venezuelan people, according to a poll by a firm favorable to the opposition. Guaidó was not even a leader in his own far-right party, Popular Will. He had never run for national office and his previous “exposure” was just that. A photograph of his bare behind made the press when he dropped his pants at a demonstration against the government. The person, whose butt may have been better known than his face, only got to be president of the National Assembly by a scheme which rotated the office among the parties in the legislature."

Tweet (Medea Benjamin) (Biden gets the same color of shekels as Trump does, just from a different set of (((donors)))):
"Biden's silence re the assassination of Iranian scientist is DEAFENING."
Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"While tens of millions of Americans sink into poverty and LA cops forcibly evict desperate families amid a pandemic, the billionaire-owned LA Times makes the case that China’s monumental poverty elimination program is actually bad. 

Next week they’ll tell us why poverty is good."
It is clear that Sheldon again asked Trump to nuke Tehran, Trump said no-can-do, but if you can provoke Iran into retaliating against you, we'll certainly be able to back you up.  "Gangsters Without A Code" (Striker).  Here's hoping all the many victims have a master list of Khazar villains for immediate removal once the Zionist entity collapses.
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