Thursday, November 19, 2020

Cognitive dissonance

 "Thanksgiving-Destroying Medical Hoaxers Attended Gavin Newsom’s Maskless Dinner Party" (Anglin).

Tweet (Dr. Denijal Jegić).

Tweet (Second City Bureaucrat) (part of the Bazelon crime family story:  Unz:  "American Pravda: the Power of Organized Crime"):

"Please don't research "the origins of Pritzker wealth & Japanese-American internment camps""

Tweet (Kevin Gosztola):
"The Biden-Harris Transition released a list of individuals who are briefing President-elect Joe Biden on national security matters.
Here's a thread examining each of these people."
It's a nutty conspiracy theory/it's wonderful that it is happening: "NY Times Says “Great Reset” is a “Conspiracy Theory” on Same Day World Economic Forum Celebrates It" (Watson).
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