Thursday, November 19, 2020


Entcrackerfizierung (I don't think 'cracker' is really translatable into any other language):  tweet (Glenn Greenwald):

"Holy shit. The only thing creepier and more alarming than this tweet is how many times it's been liked and re-tweeted.

If you don't recognize the intense strain of authoritarianism in this new ruling coalition, you see nothing about US politics. Just look at it:"
They also starved a lot of the Germans to death, so the plan has already started.

I was thinking it was pretty sweet that the same company that owns CNN, the main proponent of the 'Biden won' bullying, also owns the company that counts half the votes.

"War à la Mode: Will a Vindictive Trump Start a War With Iran or Will He Bring the Troops Home?" (Giraldi).  No.  Far off brand for Trump.  That's why the Fat Fuck is visiting the stolen lands on the West Bank. Trump pays off Sheldon with gestures like this in lieu of the nuking of Tehran Sheldon has said he really wants.  If Trump wants to run again in four years he'll have a nice path based on the disaster that Biden/Harris will cause to the country thanks to all the Wars For The Jews.
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