Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Extraordinary joke

"Infographic: A Guide To Staying Safe From COVID" (Babylon Bee).

"Israel’s Power Is Unlimited" (Giraldi) (of course, Rhodes is also Jewish, and Rahm is probably headed for Biden's cabinet as progressives hating you is a career booster as far as Biden is concerned):

"The account of Barack Obama’s struggle with Israel and the Israeli Lobby comes from a recently published memoir written by a former foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes. It is entitled The World As It Is, and it is extremely candid about how Jewish power was able to limit the foreign policy options of a popular sitting president. Rhodes recounts, for example, how Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel once nicknamed him “Hamas” after he dared to speak up for Palestinian human rights, angrily shouting at him “Hamas over here is going to make it impossible for my kid to have his fucking bar mitzvah in Israel.”"

"Biden’s transition team is filled with war profiteers, Beltway chickenhawks, and corporate consultants" (Gosztola).  "The Return of the Obama ‘Adults’ in a Joe Biden Administration Is Likely to Spell Ruin for America" (Ritter).  I am always amazed how many assholes they have in Assholia to fill cabinet posts, but also by the fact they have two matching sets, one for each party!

Tweets by Glenn Greenwald:

"There is no question that Democrats are gearing up to use their new power to apply far more pressure than ever on Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. to censor any views they deem "threatening." Obama could not be clearer about this: 

"The extraordinary joke of all of this is Obama -- to warn of the dangers of disinformation -- chose to give a key interview to ***Jeffrey Goldberg***, author of the most destructive disinformation of the last 20 years. Those warning about "disinformation" are its worst purveyors."
Tweet (Ollie Vargas):
"Evo revealed today that Añez had a plan to launch a second coup after the elections to stop Luis Arce taking power. However, the majority of the military rejected it, General Sergio Orellana was alone promoting it. The most corrupt pro-US factions have been booted out."
The new legitimate Bolivian government is replacing the worst coup plotters in the military, but there appears to be a serious problem with many of the replacements.

"War Started in Western Sahara" (South Front).  "The New U.S. War on Western Sahara" (Swanson).  I wonder if the King will get it if you address a letter to Mr. May God Grant Him Victory, Morocco.

The Rothschilds never, ever quit:  "Trump asked for options for attacking Iran last week, but held off - source" (Holland).  This is classic warmongering by 'journalists' channeling Khazar wishful thinking.

"The Great Revenge - How Tony Fauci F*cked Donald Trump" (Moon) (see "Guess who the pharma industry is supporting for president" (Buntz)):
"The FDA and Dr. Fauci were involved in Pfizer's as well as the Moderna's decision to deviate from their clinical protocols. Any change in these protocols must get the FDA's approval. If the companies had not changed their plans the announcement of the good efficacy of both vaccines'  would have come before the election.

Trump's well planed vaccine 'October surprise' was sabotaged by two pharmaceutical companies with at least the approval of Dr. Fauci and the FDA.

This might well have cost him his reelection."
An Italian muses on how Scandinavian human development success is rooted in Scandinavian acceptance of authority (striking to the Italians, who are all natural anarchists, for better or worse):  "A Tale Of Two Pandemics" (Tassinari).

Some internet sleuthing gets around a Democrat cover-up:  "The Extremist At Dominion Voting Systems" (Cooper).  Dominion’s Director of Security and Strategy, Eric Coomer, is a street-fighting 'anti-racist' skinhead who supports Antifa.  What could be troubling about that?
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