Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Fails up

"New Book Exposes History and Money Behind the Transgender Lobby" (Striker).  "Who Are the Rich, White Men Institutionalizing Transgender Ideology?" (Bilek).  That should be, er, (((men who aren't fooling anybody))). "John Money, the Charlatan Godfather of the Transgender Movement" (Winter).  Money, one of the most evil human beings who ever lived, a total sicko, does not appear to have ((())), but he worked with a pit of (((them))) at Johns Hopkins.  "The Death of David Reimer" (Walker).  The kind of prepubescent gender reassignment we are now seeing is the kind of thing for which Dr. Mengele would have been criticized (and described as a monster), but with the general crapification it now considered to be a major human rights abuse to complain about it, even in the utter absence of possible informed consent and the spectacular power imbalances between mentally ill parents - a variant of Munchausen syndrome by proxy with a dimorphism/autism twist - and their child victims.  How did 'human rights' get turned on its head?  Almost all of this is organized sexual child abuse, given a rinse through identity politics.

Obvious obviousness is obviously obvious:  "New Study Reveals Network of Jewish Corruption In American Literary Awards System" (Striker).  This is an algorithm to produce increasingly lowered quality of the material produced.

I think a theme, (((theme))), might be developing:  "Tony Blinken fails up" (Brown).  What the fuck happened to Duss?  Blinken's entire record is simply appalling.

"Wiesenthal Center Warns About Parler Opening ‘the Door Wide’ to Antisemitism".

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