Thursday, November 05, 2020

Hooting and hollering

 Two tweets by Joe Catron, combined:

"So the most plausible scenario is for Republicans to spend years hooting and hollering about a stolen election, as Biden and Harris twist in the wind, barred by a Republican Senate and Supreme Court from delivering the most symbolic reforms, or anything but war and austerity... achieve massive Congressional gains in 2022; and then to run either Trump (har!) or someone else who has a few more establishment credentials, but will otherwise make Trump look like Calvin Coolidge, probably successfully, in 2024? Do I have it all right?"
Four years of Trump serving as the Joker in the background, criticizing every move by Biden Harris in multiple daily tweets, setting up his 2024 run, would be hilarious.  Unfortunately, if Harris delivers all the Wars For The Jews the (((donors))) insist on, there won't be much, if any, of a country left by then.
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