Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Internet originalism

 Brennan!:  "Ex-CIA Chief Under Obama Urges Palace Coup Against Trump So He Doesn't "Declassify Everything"" (Durden).  At the very least, Trump would send a message to the Deep State by pardoning Assange and Snowden.

"“Shredding The Fabric Of Our Democracy”: Biden Aide Signals Push For Greater Censorship On The Internet" (Turley).  Mass (((censorship))) is going to be particularly important once (((they))) start the Wars For The Jews, leading up to WWIII.  The farm animals are going to need a lot of herding.

"Two Face America: 73 Million Trump Party Apparatchiks Guarantee Turmoil Over the Coming Years" (Stanton).  'Trump Party Apparatchiks' =

  1. deplorables
  2. voters
  3. citizens.

This is the kind of crap we're going to continue to get from disgusting Assholian liberals (you know you have reached rock bottom when they pull out Hitler). My firm belief is that the only possible moral left vote in this awful choice was Trump, simply because of how obviously, and tragically, bad Biden/Harris is/will be, and the fact Bernie had been shivved, but the liberal nonsense is never going to stop.

I'm not optimistic, but it would be wonderful to think that the next attempt at a country-destroying - both Assholia and (((their))) latest victim - War For The Jews might be met by a mass insurrection of half the population, a half who are completely woke as to (((who))) is behind this.

"‘Devastating’: Top Pentagon leadership gutted as fears rise over national security" (Seligman/Lippman).  If these are actually voluntary resignations, you'd think these clowns would have held on until inauguration and infinite warmongering, but maybe they have a deal to be reappointed once the new wars begin in a few months.

This seems to be a stretch to find criticism of Putin, but it is true that Armenia is now permanently beholden to Russia for its security:  "Did Peace just Break out in the Caucasus or Did Russia Strong-Arm Armenia into its Orbit" (Mikovic).

"Protect The Land & Genocidal Humanoidz by System Of A Down".
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