Friday, November 06, 2020

Iodine pills

We'll never know who actually won this election, or even if makes sense, given all the skulduggery by both sides, to talk about winning an Assholian election.  The (((media))) is attempting to bully the Republicans to abandon Trump, not as hard as it sounds as most of the institutional Republicans never liked him anyway (a lot of the worst of them were subject to his personal attacks, and have never forgotten), and only grudgingly stood by him because of his popular support, and of course there are all the (((Never Trumpers))), and the shekels raining down on Washington.  Trump is starting to look like late-stage Nixon, holed up in the White House with a handful of family and aides, waiting for the end.  Even those who might want to stay loyal are starting to worry about their careers in the post-Trump world, especially given the infamous tendency of the Khazars towards revenge.  Everybody likes shekels.

The courts are the only option, and it is unclear whether Trump will be allowed to access them.  The Republicans have been oddly reticent to approach the courts (although it is early days, given the relaxed pace of counting), in stark contrast to the infamous Brooks Brothers riot, and subsequent court actions in Florida in 2000, which mobilized in a rush.  They could move for recounts in all the contested states that they are said to lose, but will they?  Some of the counts are going to be razor-thin, and there are plausible cases of what could be charitably called 'anomalies' in Biden vote bumps.

Forget the tp, I'd be stocking up on iodine pills, as the war (((they))) really, really want is going to be spicy, and any war is the one thing McConnell won't block.

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