Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Marooned lighthouse keeper

Tweet (Justin Amash):

".@realDonaldTrump, you still have an opportunity to bring home all the troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria (not just a partial drawdown), and to pardon Snowden and Assange. Millions of Americans will support you in these efforts."

Drive them crazy - pardon Peltier and Abu-Jamal as well!

The more we find out, the more embarrassingly incompetent the Canadian kidnapping - a Kidnapping For The Jews when you sort out it was really about Iran - of Meng Wanzhou really was.  Tweet (Arlen Thompson) (and, of course, never forgetting that Wikipedia is an Encyclopedia For and By The Jews):
"Extent of Canadian intelligence gathering before executing the biggest diplomatic upset in the history of Canada/China relations: "[CBSA] developed concerns Meng might have been involved in espionage after reading about her and Huawei on Wikipedia in the hours before her arrival""
Whenever you see into the grim details of Canadian security/intelligence services all you ever see is goofy incompetence, from top to bottom. It's worse than a total waste of money - these people are dangerously stupid.  Canada would, without question, be safer without them.

"‘Untrue’: Muslim Pro app denies selling user data to US military".  Well, they would say that, wouldn't they?, but it is also quite possible this was fed to the Asshole 'journalists' as part of an Assholian disinformation program.

Tweet (BrianMier):
"NYT has a history of propping up Latin American neofascism so it's not surprising it would choose to ignore the Bolsonaro coalition's trouncing in Sunday's municipal elections in favor of a misleading fluff peice that cherry-picks poll data to make it look like he is doing OK."
Tweet (Glenn Greenwald) ("the scruples of a mobster boss"; see also):
"Obama’s book causing some controversy in Brazil today because in his discussion of Lula, while acknowledging that he presided over the improvement of the lives of millions of poor Brazilians, also casually insinuated (with no proof) Lula also was the boss of a corruption ring."
Push poll news: "‘Experts’ Listed 27 House Races As Toss-Ups. Republicans Won All 27" (Phillips).

Just as Russiagate had to be retired - if Putin is picking Presidents through election manipulation, did he pick Biden? - so too must we forget all the Clintonista rumblings after the last election:  "What If Biden Were Seeking Recounts?" (Zane).

Just in the last little while, France has thrown off all caution and has turned into a pure Rothschildocracy:  "France defies European court ruling upholding right to boycott Israel" (Abunimah).

This is a genre of article now:  "Meet the Filthy Rich War Hawks that Make up Biden’s New Foreign Policy Team" (MacLeod).  "Joe Biden's Foreign Policy Team" (Moon).  Biden couldn't even be bothered to put one filthy commie in the mix to make it less obvious what he is going to do.  He wants to send a message to his (((donors))) that he is going to keep all his (((promises))) to them for all the delightful shekels.

Tweet (Philip Michaels):
"This Senate hearing looks like the tale of a marooned lighthouse keeper and the robot butler he built to stave off loneliness."

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