Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Mostly Harmless

"The Ghost In The Tent" (Nark).  One of those forensic genealogical tests should solve this.

"How Joe Biden Can Score a Major Foreign Policy Win on Day One of his Presidency" (Knapp).  OK, but goes pure asshole/Asshole at the end.  Assholia has absolutely no right to insist on anything from Iran.  In any event it is probably a non-starter, because (((donors))).

I wouldn't buy cootie-encrusted Canadian food either:  "China’s irritated trade partners push back on COVID-19 food tests".

Some of the Republican allegations about vote fraud aren't helping their case, as they are based in serious factual inaccuracies, but you would have to be very gullible not to notice strange connections between voting machine companies, the Clinton Foundation, and George Soros.  From 2016 (before the previous election): "Homeless in Vancouver: Charges of U.S. vote rigging will likely involve Canadian voting machines" (Woodvine).  I'm afraid I don't see donations to the Clinton Foundation by a voting machine company as simply a coincidence!  Similarly, note the 'debunking' by the JYT:  "Giuliani adds fuel to discredited theories about voting machines." (Montague):

"Speculation that Mr. Soros has any influence over Smartmatic or its operations has been thoroughly debunked, and he does not own the company. Mr. Soros’s distant connection to the company is through his association with Smartmatic’s chairman, Mark Malloch-Brown, who is on the board of Mr. Soros’s Open Society Foundation."

That is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a 'distant connection'.  Mark Malloch-Brown is your classic 'Davos Man', just the Soros-circle type of guy for the job.

More to think about.  "William E. Kennard Named Chairman of AT&T's Board of Directors".  Kennard is a Bill Clinton and Obama political appointee, and is also on the board of Staple Street Capital, which owns Dominion Voting Systems.  AT&T owns Warner Media, which owns, amongst many media properties, CNN.

There are some inaccuracies in this, but it raises many connections:  "The Dominion Voting System-Uncovering the Deep State Ties" and "Canada, Dominion Voting Systems and Soros Connections" (Canuck).  

Scroll down to the work history of Penelope (Chester) Starr.  She also previously worked for Teneo, a company founded by Doug Band, a guy with huge Bill Clinton connections (note the 'dust-up' with Chelsea, but he later seems to have got Killary the Secretary of State job).

Many connections made here by Nightbaker (some connections seem too good to be true, but they are true).  Penelope Starr also organized Women's March Canada, which partly protested against the then recent election of Donald Trump.  Starr:  "You know shit’s bad when the Canadians are here."

None of this proves anything, of course, but you'd think, at the very least, voting machine companies might want to avoid such obvious partisan connections.  If Giuliani wants some ammunition, perhaps the Canadians can supply it.

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