Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Much suffering

"RAY McGOVERN: What is John Brennan So Worried About?"  Hiding his guilt for Russiagate.

Tweet (Chris Floyd) (on Biden's work for the credit card companies and other institutional creditors; Biden really is a singular piece of shit, with his fingerprints all over most of the terrible things that have happened in Assholia over almost 50 years):

"Yes, he did, directly contributing to much suffering in the lives of millions of ordinary people; such as my young family years ago: hit by a healthcare catastrophe, plunged into bankruptcy, yet unable to write off student debt, which kept doubling with interest and penalties."

"How the U.S. Military Buys Location Data from Ordinary Apps" (Cox).  A very important article.  They are soon going to have to drone assassinate the Deplorables who won't fall in line.  Anybody under the innumerable Wars For The Jews attacks should start by deleting Muslim Pro.

It's an All-Star team of the worst stink-tank psychos, all striving to drum up business for their sponsors by starting wars:  "Biden names pro-war think tank and former Pentagon officials to transition team" (Coleman/Barrickman) (more) (yet more).

"RCEP Set to Supercharge the New Silk Roads" (Escobar).  History is not going to look kindly on the consistency of Modi's bumbling.

"31st anniversary of massacre of Jesuits in El Salvador" (El Salvador Perspectives).  The El Salvador Deep State would like to continue the cover up, but the Jesuits are formidable opposition.

Somebody named Waxman, funnily enough, sees male privilege, but not the solid gold, ruby studded Jewish Privilege Card which Toobin uses to keep his CNN job:  "The Comeuppance of Jeffrey Toobin – But Where Is CNN?"  We seem to have forgotten that this little typical Khazar humiliation game is also a crime.

I'm going to take a wild guess that none of the vaccines being advertised post-election will turn out to be usable, though some black people - front of the line! - may have to die or be grievously injured to find that out.
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