Wednesday, November 04, 2020

No further comment required

 It's true!!!:  tweet (Brother Q.):

"The Democratic National Committee in 2024"

They'll find somebody in a coma, in a iron lung with a seat attached to it so Bill Kristol can sit there and raise its limp arm to wave to the crowds at campaign rallies (don't laugh, that's essentially what the Dems did with Biden). Remember, this just looks like sheer mind-numbing incompetence. What you are really seeing is a (((donor))) problem.

Tweet (Ian):
"America asked for healthcare, you said no, asked for criminal justice reform, you picked a corrupt prosecutor as your running mate, we were worried about climate change, you said you were pro fracking. Also you sucked on your wife’s finger, your eye exploded & your teeth fell out"
Twitter, absolutely corrupt til the bitter end: tweet (Glen type guy):
"no further comment required"
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