Monday, November 16, 2020

Nostalgic for Trump

Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris):

"Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain is a revolving-door, ex-lobbyist for bailout barons, fraudster drug companies & big health insurers. He also lobbied on behalf of the Coalition for Asbestos Resolution, a front group for a roofing-materials manufacturer."

Tweet (Paul Nadeau) (also the thread referred to):
"This is an important thread that fits my own experience and conversations with Japanese diplomats. 
It might not be fair, but if Susan Rice is named SecState then lots of foreign ministries across Asia will take it as a sign that a Biden admin won’t care about their concerns"
Tweet (Sharon Lerner):
"McCabe, who was just named to Biden's EPA transition, led the team that helped DuPont fend off EPA's efforts to regulate PFOA in the early 2000s. Biden has promised to "tackle PFAS pollution," which is now widespread throughout the country"
"A National Security Reckoning" (Killary).  See also.  Some of the details sound sane, but the underlying premises are utterly insane, as you would expect.

Talk about misplaying your counterfeit Indian casino cards!:  tweet (George Galloway):
"You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh"
Ha ha ha!:  "Bernie Sanders makes a play for Biden Labor secretary" (Ollstein/Cassella/Otterbein).

"The Usurper Joe Biden Would be an Extreme War President" (Anglin).

I'd like to humbly apologize for underestimating just how bad the Biden/Harris Administration is going to be.  I just thought it would result in a War For The Jews leading to the end of Western Civilization, but it is going to be much worse than that.  Trump's cabinet was packed with goofs, but they mostly didn't do much, and knew they were goofs.  Despite all the attempted fuckery, even the Fat Fuck left relatively little mark on the world.  Biden's group is full of self-confidence and self-righteous certainty that everything they do is 100% moral and necessary, while sharing the same turbo-capitalist/turbo-imperial beliefs of the worst Assholes.  It is going to be hell.
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