Saturday, November 21, 2020

Not competent

"An Epitaph for the West" (Armstrong).  Not competent.  One of the reasons the plutocrats love identity politics is that it allows other 'values' to cover up for the basic fact that the plutocrats have failed to manage the Empire's competence.

The quintessential 'American' Khazar - the man all Khazars tell their children to grow up to be - flees to his homeland:  "US terminates Jonathan Pollard’s parole, ex-spy free to travel to Israel" (Magid).  Trump's still trying to work off Sheldon's shekels without nuking Iran.

"Double Standard Blatant on Israel and China “Foreign Influence” in Canada" (Engler).

Oscar Wilde revisited?:  "Will The Trump Team Prove A Global Conspiracy or Will Dominion Sue For Defamation?" (Turley).  Despite what you may read constantly in the (((media))), the election is no closer to being decided now than any time in the last two weeks.  No court has been asked the big questions.

"FBI and DOJ prepared takedown of “Iranian” American Herald Tribune website with years of legal chicanery" (Porter).  The real, and terrible, threat of peace with Iran is a decrease in the amount of shekel bribes received by Assholian bureaucrats and politicians.

Yinon:  "Washington Seeks to Divide Syria through the Use of Terrorists" (Platov).

"Declassify America’s Dirty Secrets in Syria to Stop a Biden War" (Bovard).  Trump's attempts at declassification are going about as well as his attempts at withdrawing troops.

"Trump Confirms The Pentagon & The CIA Are In Charge Of Foreign Policy" (Hornberger).

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):

"The worst thing the media did in 2020 -- from the perspective of destroying their own credibility -- was deciding which gatherings to COVID-shame or approve based on their ideological views of who attended and the politics involved. 

 This Newsome debacle is the culmination."

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