Sunday, November 01, 2020

People running and screaming

 Your past and your chosen future, Assholes!:  tweet (The Onion):

"Bush Administration Reunites On Zoom For Table Read Of National Intelligence Brief Used To Justify Iraq War"

Tweet (Whitney Webb):
"Isn't funny that the lady in charge of cybersecurity for the NSA (Anne Neuberger) is married to an AIPAC board member? No conflict of interest here at all... . ."
"Dumping Fukushima’s Water into the Ocean… Seriously?" (Hunziker):
"In addition to the 800 tons of lava-like molten fuel, aka: corium, (the big meltdown) in the three reactor containment vessels, the crippled reactor buildings contain more than 1,500 units of used nuclear fuel rods in open pools of water and must be kept cool at all times or all hell breaks loose. Loss of water from structural damage or another major earthquake (the structures are already seriously compromised) could expose the fuel rods, resulting in uncontrolled massive release of sizzling radiation that could be worse than the original meltdown, possibly exposing Tokyo to an emergency mass evacuation event with people running and screaming."
"How The Intercept Abandoned Its Truth-Seeking Mission—And Lost Its Best Journalist" (Jilani):
"As someone who has spent the past decade in and around this industry, I’ve watched all this unfold. Reporters who once prided themselves on their objective, just-the-facts sangfroid will now openly admit on social media that they view their professional calling in explicitly political terms—specifically, to help defeat Trump and the Republican Party. In broad strokes, the process is analogous to the one that psychologist Jonathan Haidt has described occurring in higher education:
Aristotle often evaluated a thing with respect to its telos—its purpose, end, or goal. The telos of a knife is to cut. The telos of a physician is health or healing. What is the telos of university? The most obvious answer is “truth”—the word appears on so many university crests. But increasingly, many of America’s top universities are embracing social justice as their telos, or as a second and equal telos. But… what happens if they conflict?
In the case of the media, we’ve had a running social experiment underway since 2015 that helps us answer this question. And the results are in: What happens when these two goals come into conflict is that politics wins, and truth loses. The majority of journalists I follow, including many I’ve worked with, simply aren’t interested in critical reporting about Biden or any other Democrat who remains in the party’s good graces. They were fine doing it a year ago—when Biden was competing against other Democrats. Indeed, the New York Times devoted much of its primaries coverage to stories about how Biden was supposedly a creepy hugger and an out-of-touch white male septuagenarian. But once he became the last Democrat standing, things changed quickly. 
It’s certainly understandable that many Americans—including many American journalists—want to help throw Trump out of the White House. But that’s a political goal, not a journalistic one. The essence of journalism is to seek truth, no matter whom you anger or inconvenience. Let people know the facts, and then let them make informed decisions. When journalism is captured by politics, both are corrupted. Putting aside the fleeting he-said/she-said over Greenwald’s latest article, what I am describing here is the backstory on why he took the painful step of resigning."
"Twitter shuts down accounts following Israeli pressure" (Abunimah):
"Hallel Silverman is an interesting choice as the face of Israel’s latest anti-Palestinian campaign.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Silverman moved to Israel when she was 11.

Her Twitter bio says she is involved in “Branding and New Media.” Indeed she appears to be a branded product herself.

Silverman has bragged about completing a course in “international diplomacy, politics and communications” taught by the Israeli foreign ministry.

She is also a product of IDC Herzliya, an Israeli university that has long been a training ground for propagandists for Israel.

IDC Herzliya even set up a “war room” – a troll farm with rows of people sitting at computers posting on Facebook to counter criticism of Israel’s abuses against Palestinians.

Hallel Silverman is the niece of comedian Sarah Silverman.

In addition to promoting Biden and Harris, she also poses as a supporter of Black Lives Matter.

This is almost certainly part of Israel’s efforts to gain credibility among progressives.

Israel and its lobby, in fact, view Black Lives Matter as a major threat and have sought to co-opt or undermine the movement.

But Silverman is no supporter of human rights and equality.

At the height of Israel’s 2014 war on Gaza, she attended an event carrying a sign that she was “proud to be a soldier in the Israeli defense forces.”

In the space of 51 days, Israel’s attack killed more than 2,200 Palestinians, including 550 children.

Dozens of families were obliterated
Months before the attack, Silverman posted on Instagram that she was “so excited” to be drafted into the army that would go on to commit these atrocities, as it had so many before."
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