Wednesday, November 04, 2020


The (((media))) - hampered by the fact it was the middle of the night and (((they))) need their beauty sleep - and local authorities are attempting some push-back against Trump's declaration of victory, but it seems to me Trump has an excellent chance if he is close enough to get the issue into the courts.  At the very least, if Biden prevails but doesn't win the Senate, the Republicans will spend four years in complete intransigence, all based on the idea that Biden is not a legitimate President (although I can guarantee that Biden - well, to be accurate, Harris - won't receive any complaints about any and all Wars For The Jews that he wants).  Whatever happens, the Dems and their (((donors))) have created a monster.

Tweet (Kevin Roose):

"I'm sure the polling story will end up being more complicated than "polls don't work." But there's probably a reason the corporate ad world has largely moved away from measuring stated preferences (focus groups) in favor of measuring revealed preferences (A/B tests)."

The thing is, (((they))) are completely aware of the problems with the (((polls))). These are push polls, intended to make a certain result seem inevitable, thus, (((they))) hope, securing the result, in this case to obtain the only thing (((they))) want, Wars For The Jews and WWIII.  What I've been contemplating is how the (((neocons))) will proceed with a Biden victory.  Do they start with smaller War For The Jews, sort of a warm-up (as Afghanistan was the warm-up for Iraq), or do they go directly for WWIII?  If it is WWIII, how does the casus belli develop?  Will we be starting to see bombs go off in Europe, killing hundreds of people, to be blamed on Putin?  I am asking seriously, as I would really like to know the procedure.  Obviously, as we saw with Iraq, utterly baseless, even ridiculous, allegations are no problem.  The (((media))) will stir the asshole Assholes to a fever pitch, and nuclear winter, here we come!

Tweet (Bernard Silverman):
"In a letter to the Washington Post, several dozen well-regarded pollsters have blamed their inaccurate prognostications on Hunter Biden. 
The man can't get a break!  
@NormOrnstein @KatiePhang @TheRickWilson @JJohnsonLaw @LMplusG"
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