Monday, November 30, 2020


 Australia seems to have missed the significance of the Streisand Effect:  "China Trolls Australia With "Repugnant" Doctored Image, Refuses To Apologize" (Durden) (Anglin).  Protip - when they've got you dead to rights, don't make a spectacle of yourselves in whining about it.

"Canada Should Release Meng Wanzhou—And Pursue an Independent Foreign Policy" (Price/McGregor).  An outstanding example of the phenomenon of shekeling by proxy.  The Khazars just have to shekel the Asshole politicians, and the lackey countries are dragged along for free.  I honestly can't tell if the Canadian judge is corrupt, or just stupid.

"Five Scientists in 10 Years: Iran’s Nuclear Physicists Are Top Targets for Assassins" (Khalel).  See tweets by Stefania Maurizi on insights from a WikiLeaks release.  "Netanyahu is the winner in Fakhrizadeh’s murder" (Bhadrakumar) (my emphasis in red):

"Following Rouhani’s remarks, the spokesman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Abolfazl Amouyee, an influential politician, has pointed finger at the International Atomic Energy Agency’s inspectors. “We are sensitive towards the espionage of the IAEA inspectors,” he said. 

Other reports from Tehran simultaneously leaked the information that Mossad, Israel’s spy agency, had gained access to Fakhrizadeh’s name via an IAEA list which referred to him as a senior scientist of Iran’s Defense Ministry’s Physics Research Center.

Tehran may now tighten the IAEA’s access to Iran’s nuclear facilities, reducing its commitments to the absolute minimum required under the safeguards protocol. Significantly, Iran’s first move on the diplomatic plane has been a petition to the UN Security Council, which is the controlling body of the IAEA. 

Iran has alleged in the past on several occasions that western agents posing as IAEA inspectors were misusing the access to its nuclear sites. But Iran was damned either way — if it denied access to the IAEA inspectors, that would lead to a malign campaign that Iran has something to hide, but if it continued to acquiesce, that would risk national security. Fakhrizadeh’s killing is a telling evidence of Iran’s predicament. 

Ever since the sudden death of the former IAEA director-general Yukiya Amano in obscure circumstances — as mysterious as the death of Yasser Arafat — Iran has a problem on its hands. 

Amano was a thoroughbred professional and a man of integrity who refused to succumb to the pressure from Washington to manufacture biased reports against Iran that would provide propaganda stuff for the US and Israel.

Amano’s successor Rafael Grossi, an Argentinian diplomat, does not enjoy his predecessor’s reputation. Given the IAEA’s sensitivity, the Americans insist on having a weighty say in the choice of the organisation’s director-general. 

Amano was President Obama’s choice in 2009. But Grossi was appointed last December even as the Trump administration was  pressing he pedal on an all-government, maximum pressure policy towards Iran. Iran is stuck with Grossi for some time to come, as the IAEA bosses generally tend to have extended tenures."

"20 years on still no justice for Muhammad al-Dura" (Yaghi).  The outrageous twisting of this atrocity was one of the first examples of the efforts of the hasbara internet army.  While you can say that it is Israeli politicians who are responsible for most of the slaughtering, the much wider participation of the entire Khazar community, both in Israel and elsewhere, is absolutely necessary for the Zionist project to work, and should eventually lead to commensurate punishment across the whole group.  Eventually, the Khazars need to face at least as much justice as the winner's 'justice' they imposed on the German people.

It's amazing what (((they))) get away with, isn't it!:  "Israeli court relies on Jewish Nation-State Law in racist ruling: Municipal funding of school busing not required for Arab kids as it would encourage Arab families to move into ‘Jewish city’".

The lowest of the low:  "Biden Appointee Neera Tanden Spread the Conspiracy That Russian Hackers Changed Hillary's 2016 Votes to Trump" (Greenwald).  The rot is deep:  "Obama the pretender" (Cooper).  

"Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling" (Basham).  There really is something deeply wrong with the results.  Read the whole thing, but here's an example:

"We are told that Biden won more votes nationally than any presidential candidate in history. But he won a record low of 17 percent of counties; he only won 524 counties, as opposed to the 873 counties Obama won in 2008. Yet, Biden somehow outdid Obama in total votes."

"EU Outrage After Hungarian Official's Op-Ed Calling George Soros The "Liberal Hitler""  Terrible, terrible, terrible insult to Hitler.  Soros is easily the most evil living human being (and a hero to the American 'left', thanks to the ill-gotten shekels he spreads around)

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