Thursday, November 05, 2020

Solving voter suppression

For years the Republicans have been engaging in what I would call 'retail' vote suppression, which involves finding various ways of suppressing voting by demographic groups not likely to vote for them (although, as we are seeing with Hispanics, this demographic answer, beloved of Democrat political scientists as they think they can prove inevitable Democrat wins forever, is no longer as clear as once thought).  Not opening enough voting places, not opening them at all in certain areas, opening them for random and short duration, preventing felons from voting, requiring identification the 'wrong' groups are less likely to have, and so on.  The Democrats complain about it constantly, but never do anything about it, largely as it serves as a good excuse for them when they lose.  

These are all efforts that involve getting between a prospective voter and the ballot box.  It is thus highly ironic that the pandemic provided the excuse for mass voting by mail, never before attempted on that scale, and with most places unprepared to deal with it in a timely manner.  Suddenly, you eliminate the voter blocking, as you no longer need the voter.  You just need the votes.  10,000 votes can show up at a counting place, supposedly delivered by mail (but how would you be certain?), and are just thrown into the pile.  Nobody would ever be the wiser.  This is an almost perfect crime (despite what the (((media))) might tell you), as it only shows up when somebody notices an odd sudden bump in Democrat tallies, but even then you can never prove the votes were irregular.  There is a paper trail, and the possibility of audits (sort of), but you reach a basic problem when the state counting the votes wants one side to win, and has no interest in looking too carefully at those votes.

Of course, this will only work once, as the Republicans will be ready with their own bags of votes for the next election.

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