Saturday, November 14, 2020

Taking money and getting rich

"Pentagon senior adviser accused Pompeo and senior politicians of taking money and getting rich from 'the Israeli lobby'" ( Kaczynski/Steck,).  Here we go.  Macgregor's too much of a real American patriot for the Khazars to allow him to withdraw troops.  See the historical context:  "Hagel, the lobby and the limits of power" (Ahmad).

As linked to on Thursday:  "Neocons Poised to Join New Government" (Giraldi).

"CNN’s Jake Tapper: The foreman/overseer keeping all journalists in line (1/2)" (Mazaheri).  That's (((Tapper))) when your spell check is working properly.

The kind of thing Sheldon gets for his shekels, in lieu of nuking Tehran:  "Trump Moves to Involve U.S. Businesses and Academics in the Occupation of Palestine" (Foreign Policy in Focus).

It is a real tragedy how shekels have fucked over Assholia and its victims.  The only way the West can possibly be saved - and there is no chance of it happening due to a simply bizarre interpretation of 'human rights', which is, goyim, the right to order genocide - is immediate, public, painful executions of all those giving shekels, receiving shekels, presstituting themselves in the (((media))), and warmongering as a result of the bribery.

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