Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The crocodile farm

Tweets by Whitney Webb:

"These are Pfizer's "self-reported" results, Pfizer has a horrible safety track record. The head of the FDA's CDER is former Pfizer VP for Product Safety that covered up dangerous side effects of Pfizer's Zoloft and Pfizer tried to block her from testifying under oath about it.

Pfizer has already started manufacturing 100,000k+ doses before their vaccine has even been approved. Warp Speed guidance shows that, as vaccines near expected approval, an effort to work w "media partners" to address "vaccine hesitancy", expect a lot more tweets like this fr MSM"

The timing, right after the Biden appointment by the (((media))), is also interesting, with the message that now that Trump is gone, the systematic problems with the country that led to the pandemic disaster can be magically solved (get ready for a lot of 'normalization' covering up ongoing atrocities). If is it a vapor-vaccine, extremely likely, it could have been announced pre-election, but that might have helped Trump.

The assassination of American Herald Tribune.

"Facebook takes down pages spreading 'Stop the Steal' election misinformation" (Bell).

"The task before ‘Sleepy Joe’ is to put liberal America right back to sleep" (Cook) (also) (also).  An excellent point.  One of the propaganda problems with Trump was that everything he did created wails of anger, even those everyday imperial acts that would normally pass unnoticed.  Trump upset the entire PR ecology of the Empire.

That was fast!:  tweet (Rasmus Kleis Nielsen) (Schmidt, and here I thought Cyprus was trying to clean up its reputation as a gangster haven):
"Biden has hired "Jessica Hertz, former associate general counsel at Facebook, and Cynthia Hogan, former Apple vice-president for government affairs, to his transition team. Eric Schmidt... is being talked about to lead a new technology industry task force""
All the usual false-flag signs involving a 'rogue' informant:  "Mystery surrounds the terrorist attack in Vienna" (Salam).

"Russia Achieves Ceasefire In Nagorno-Karabakh" (Moon).

'Journalism' hall of fame wording here:  tweet (Micah Uetricht):
"The NY Times has a very strange way of describing a right-wing coup that was resoundingly repudiated by the people of Bolivia at the polls less than a year later. 
The shamelessness with which the NYT constantly carries water for US imperialism abroad is absurd."
These 'journalists' are famous for good reason. In a phrase ("a year after his failed attempt to keep power tore the nation apart and sent him into exile"), they managed to describe:
  1. a free and democratic election; 
  2. overturned by a violent coup d'etat (it wasn't the coup, but his attempt to insist on the results of the election, which "tore the nation apart"!);
  3. where the elected leader was promised death to himself and his family if he didn't flee (described as a result of "his failed attempt to keep power"!); and
  4. an election which so resoundingly rejected the coup the coup plotters had to give up
while never letting you forget which side Assholia and the JYT are on.  Spectacular stuff.  Can you win the Pulitzer for a phrase?

The State Department PR machine never sleeps:  "Kremlin denies reports Putin planning to quit amid health fears".

'Child labour' and 'exploitation' versus 'life skills' and Bill Gates.

"Prince Azim of Brunei, Hollywood producer, dies at 38" (also).  Being a princeling is surprisingly dangerous.  "UAE prince and fashion designer Khalid Al Qasimi dies in unexplained circumstances" (John/Wojazar) (also).  Khazar princelings have the same problem: "Blind Items Revealed #1" (CDaN).
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